Dear Employer,

Finding a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) who perfectly fits your family
and is capable of dealing with the tasks at hand can be a huge challenge.

At Cinderella we do our utmost best to make your search as smooth and convenient as possible. We see the FDW as an important addition to your family household.  A good match will create a positive environment for you, your children and of course the FDW as well.

Living and working in Singapore is a great experience. Please contact us if you feel we could make this experience even greater!

Option 1: Hire from overseas, the FDW is not in Singapore

The most common option for employers in Singapore.
The FDW are selected and will undergo several courses before they will be available to work in Singapore.

FDW will only be allowed to travel to Singapore upon obtaining the In-Principle Approval from MOM, completion of the medical examination, TESDA, OWWA, PIDOS & POEA process (applicable to Filipino workers).

option 1 advantage

Option 2: Transfer, the FDW is in Singapore and is still under contract

FDW who are available for transfer are about to complete there 2 year working contract. FDW are only allowed to transfer when there current employers signs a release paper.

The “latest” and FDW can apply for transfer is 1 month before her working visa expires.

option 2 transfer

Option 3: Finished contract, the FDW is in Singapore and will finish the contract soon

Option 3 is very similar to option 1 (overseas) The FDW did work in Singapore but is to late with changing employer or her current employer does not allow to change employer.

It is common that Singaporean employers don’t allow their FDW to transfer when reaching the end of the 2 year contract. Forcing the FDW to travel out of Singapore by the end of their two year contract.

Applying for a work pass while overseas is far more costly.

Option 3 finished contract